Music to Get You Through Finals Week


Sierra Severt


It’s here. The week dreaded by college students far and wide. The week that saps energy and leaves you wondering if you even remember what a full night of sleep feels like. It’s finals week.

If you’re like the majority of college students, you will spend the week studying for exam after exam, writing paper after paper, existing in a state of caffeinated distress. There’s also the fact that exams are all online now due to COVID, and while most of us are used to remote learning at this point, there’s not much to be said for three-hour exams on a computer. 

To deal with the added stress of being stuck in your house or apartment while taking exams, your week might include drinking copious amounts of coffee or energy drinks (not a recommendation, just an observation). Despite the caffeine, if you still find yourself sleepwalking through the week after late-night cram sessions, this playlist is for you. 

Music does more than just keep you awake. Sometimes you just need to sob to a song with lyrics that speak to a difficult experience or jam to a pump-up song to help you feel better. There is truly a song for every occasion, every mood, every taste and every person. Personally, I am a huge music fan, and you will almost always find me listening to something new. I find that music is one of the best ways to unplug from the stress of everyday life and escape for a while – even if it’s just for the duration of a three-minute track. That’s what this playlist is here for: to help you escape finals week for a short while, find some new music and refresh your brain, so you can do your very best on your exams.     

Last week, I posted a survey asking Kent State students  to dedicate a song to other students to make the ultimate finals week playlist. Hopefully, it will bring you some joy, some energy and some motivation to get through the week. Enjoy! 

Best of luck on your exams!