Magic From Within: Bards & Sorcerers

Nathaniel Hedington, Blogger

Welcome back my friend! Glad to see you haven’t frozen in the cold, come in, come in! Yes, take a seat by the fire, I’ll get the barkeep to send us something to warm you up. Lost your group eh? Bah, commoners. Luckily you’re in the right spot, we’ve got all different sorts of adventurers looking for a group to join! Here, I’ll point a couple out.


See that gnome over there, the one with the Hurdy-Gurdy? Her name is Daisy. she’s a bard, you can always tell because they’re almost always fiddling with a musical instrument, or singing or flirting. Ok, that last one might just be from my own experiences. Bards produce magic through music, weaving strands of arcane energies through their instruments and voices. It’s not exactly what you and I would consider music, it’s just a performance, really. One time a bard recited a long poem with a hand on my chest, and I watched my wounds close up. Another time I saw a half-elf yell insults at a goblin, and it just died right there on the spot.

Andrea Kennat



Bards are good generalists, they’ve got a little bit of everything, and they can help a party of adventurers as a whole with their ability to inspire greatness in others. Bards gather in loose associations called “colleges,” where they swap stories, songs and the like with other like-minded bards. A couple of colleges are the College of Lore and the College of Valor. Lore-Bards are intellectuals, gleaning useful tidbits of knowledge from ancient tales, masters of confusing and befuddling folks with their cutting words. Valor-Bards are musical warriors, reciting and composing epic sagas, more proficient in martial combat than other bards in hopes of composing their own tale. No matter which kind of bard they are, they’re handy in a pinch with a little bit of healing magic, a little bit of battle magic and a whole lot of distraction if the rest of the party needs to sneak out of a tight situation.


Sorcerers are an interesting bunch. You see that human over there, the one who’s just holding a ball of fire? Yeah that’s Ivellos, he’s a sorcerer, and going to get in trouble too if the barkeep sees him doing that little party trick. Sorcerers have an instinctive grasp of the arcane magics that flow throughout the universe. Some say they feel the pulse of raw, wild magic, while others claim the blood of dragons flows in their veins. Sorcerers are arcane heavyweights like wizards, mastering things like metamagic and methods of twisting their spells to become even more powerful. Sorcerers can cast spontaneously—without having to prepare spells ahead of time, so you never quite know what they’ll pull out in a pinch.

Andrea Kennat

Like I said, sorcerers are some of the best arcane battlemages. They don’t have the number of spells available like  your average wizard, but they’re adaptable and tend to be able to think well on their feet. And that can mean the difference between life and death down in the dungeon.


Uh oh, looks like the barkeeper spotted Ivellos. Looks like it’s time for us to get to another one of the common rooms before things get a little too heated. Come on through this way, mind the ivy growing along the columns, our friends over here are rather partial to the wilder side of life…