Keep Your Chill #1: How Are You So Chill?

Faith Jones, Blogger

I’m literally delusional. I’d much rather be delusional and at peace than anything else. Something about remaining calm and collected quite literally all the time is definitely a strength of mine. 


Let’s talk about this concept in a general sense. Everyone has different ways of coping with all things that life throws at you. Whether it be conflict, stress, overthinking, feeling overwhelmed or down, etc, it’s really all about remaining calm and collective. However you are able to accomplish and maintain that, kudos to you!


Back to my main point. Calm and collective. It’s really about picking and choosing your battles. It’s being able to sit back and really ask yourself: is this really worth getting so worked up about? Most of the time, it’s not. Now again, I’m not saying that you have to be in denial of your feelings and not allow yourself to feel what you feel. Because that is not healthy. What I am saying is be more mindful. Mindful of all elements and influences in your life. 


Not only does it help you keep your peace but it also makes you appreciate all things for what they are. Even the smallest things I find myself admiring just because experiences and realizations are so powerful and cool. You gotta learn to embrace that shit, or else your thoughts are gonna turn negative or boring very quickly. 


And, like I said, don’t ever tell yourself you can’t feel a certain way or a certain emotion. Just because you might not think it’s okay at the time or that it’s uncalled for. Being in tune with your emotions is key to keeping your chill. No matter the emotion, allow yourself to feel it as deep as you need to. Knowing how to recognize your emotions and your needs results from those emotions is HUGE. 


Feeling angry? Isolate yourself, take the time you need to focus on the things that make YOU feel okay. Feeling overwhelmingly sad? Who said it wasn’t okay to have a cry sesh to your favorite sad songs on that last night drive? No one. 


And the best part is that NO ONE can ever say your feelings and emotions are invalid or wrong because they simply aren’t you. Once you learn your own book front to back, you realize nothing else really matters that much and you are being the wheel shifting those gears. You are your worst enemy and the only thing left standing in your way is you. Now giddy up!