Shower Thought #2: Chandler and Monica’s Love Story

Ashley Caudill

They don’t know that we know that they know we know. Ya know?


“Friends” is my absolute favorite show of all time. And when I say favorite, I mean I can quote the show line for line. What are my credentials? I have seen all 10 seasons of the show 12 times all the way through. And because of that, I’ve had plenty of time to think about the relationships that took place during the show. 


Why do we always talk about Ross and Rachel’s story but not Chandler and Monica’s?


And if you have not seen “Friends”, beware of the major spoilers ahead. 


We all know Ross and Rachel’s story. 


Ross is madly in love with Rachel and has been obsessed with her his whole life. And when she finally gives him a shot, they fall deeply in love. Then they were on a break. Maybe… depends on who you ask. But in the end, they were in love again after an actual long break. 


As Phoebe says, he is her lobster! 


But Chandler and Monica’s love story happens to be my favorite. It was the one that blossomed out of nowhere but was the one that everyone wanted to happen. 


Monica Geller is known as the clean freak, the cook and the “mom friend.” But when you watch the show 12 times, you notice that she is a loving, passionate, dream chasing and spontaneous person that you love more with every episode. 


Personally, Monica is my favorite character. I even named my car after her. And yes.… I keep it spotless in her honor. 


Then you have Chandler who is the complete opposite. He has endless witty comebacks, a job with a title none of his friends know, and a pet duck and chick. But once again, if you watch the show 12 times, you notice that he is also a loving and passionate person that will risk anything for his friends. 


The story began when Chandler and Monica’s older brother Ross, were roommates in college.


Chandler and Monica’s friendship has always reflected the “best friend’s brother” trope, but without the romance. Instead, they were just simply friends and nothing more. 


Until Ross and Emily’s wedding in London. 


And after the wedding and a few drinks, well…. I think you can use your imagination. 


Then a secret fling was born. 


Their rule: our friends cannot find out. 


As their relationship blossomed in secret, Chandler and Monica’s feelings for each other grew behind the purple door and it became hard to keep it a secret for long. 


And of course, the first person to find out was no one other than Joey. Then Rachel. Then Phoebe. And lastly, Ross, the brother. The scariest reaction of them all, which ended up being one of my favorite scenes ever. 


As good friends are, they were all supportive of the relationship once they learned that Chandler and Monica loved each other. Not like, not a short fling anymore but love. 


To me, their relationship was comforting. They complemented each other in perfect ways and seemed to fit together like puzzle pieces. Like it was destined. There were no major rocky, turbulent times. Although there were struggles, because no relationship is perfect, they worked through them together.


Chandler goes to Tulsa for work; Monica visits him and he comes home on the weekends. Monica gets a head chef job; Chandler cheers her on. They have fertility complications; they support each other through it. Etc. Etc. Etc. 


Their relationship makes me hopeful and happy. While watching Ross and Rachel’s relationship may be exciting, complicated and intoxicating, Chandler and Monica’s relationship is reliable and consistent.


On another note, do not get me started on Phoebe and Mike’s relationship. 


But that’s a story for another time.