Shower Thought #3: The Personality of Stickers

Ashley Caudill, Blogger

Stickers of all sizes cover laptop cases, water bottles, lamp posts, cars, phone cases and basically anything they can stick to. They are filled with quotes, designs, memes, pictures, etc. Some are worn and scratched with the ink barely there while some are shiny and new. Some follow a theme, some are small or are so large they cover the entire surface. Every single detail tells a story of someone’s personality. 


What was once seen as damaging an item became a normal practice that allowed us to express ourselves in a unique, public way. 


Why has the narrative changed? Is it because our society has become more open to change and self-expression?


Whatever it is, I like it. 


I am naturally a people watcher. Some would say that I’m just nosy and like to know what’s going on, but I really just enjoy getting a glimpse into others’ lives. 


Our society is diverse and ever-changing, and I am so captivated by the idea of it. Everyone is living their own lives and has their own interests and personalities, and there are billions of us. So, when we meet those few people that we have so much in common with, it is rare and special. 


But now with the sticker population rising, meeting those people and knowing who is a part of your crowd is 10 times easier. 


I can sit in class and look at someone’s laptop and see a “Friends” sticker or a Harry Styles-related sticker and immediately know that I would have something in common with them. 


I can look over at someone’s phone and see the encouraging quotes covering the back of their phone case, maybe something that they are struggling with or trying to remind themselves of. 


And while I am driving, I can see the places that the person driving in front of me has been, the number of family members and pets they have or the aggressive things they have to say to other drivers. 


It’s a nosy introvert’s dream! – learning something about someone without talking with them. 


I like to believe that this concept has helped someone make a friend or start a conversation with someone they hadn’t met before. 


Unlike most of my peers, my phone, laptop, and water bottles are not covered in stickers. When I think about the deeper meaning of it, it’s probably because I don’t open up too easily. Is it too vulnerable to share your interests so openly on display for everyone to see? It makes me so happy to see other’s interests and passions but why can’t I share my own? 


Maybe I’ll go buy some stickers now….