Keep Your Chill #4: Being in A Funk & In Your Head

Faith Jones, Blogger

Whenever I am sad, down or just feel off and not like my normal self, I say that i’m in a “funk” It makes it feel not as bad to me so I highly recommend


Now most people can agree that they know what I mean by this. Days where you simply wake up and as you continue your day you just can feel this sense that is just off putting and abnormal. It feels different for everyone but it has to be one of the most frustrating things for me. Mainly because it’s not causable. I mean sometimes it is but majority of the time it’s not.


I think that it’s important to know that it’s normal. When I first started experiencing days like this I instantly thought that something was wrong with me and I had to figure it out. But as it continued to happen and I stressed all day about that gut wrenching troublesome feeling that just left me uneased, I realized it was just something I was going to have to deal with. 


Now, I have figured out things that I can do on those days that make me feel more sane about how I’m feeling. 


To describe it in simple terms it generally consists of depressive thoughts or just the simple sense of not feeling like myself even if I’m not sad. So what do I do, I distract myself. Literally anytime I am feeling something like this or even have a lot on my mind and catch myself overthinking I tried to find things to do. 


Now everyone is going to cope differently and that is normal. Something about organizing and cleaning just tends to be where I find the most comfort.


The point is that there are ways to manage it and deal with it instead of letting it just consume you for that period of time. But also keep in mind that not everyday is going to be 100%!


Don’t get me wrong there is a difference between dealing with it and conquering it. Not all days are you going to be able to fight it off, and that. is. okay. 


Something I have taught myself to do which has really improved my mental health and dealing with these particular situations is finding gratitude from these moments and being sure to note it for when this troublesome moment/day/week/period passes. 


So for instance, when I have a day where I’m in a “funk” (see it makes it semi-fun) I try to be completely attuned with my emotions and feelings during that time. Which I know can be hard so take what you can handle. But it’s not about just being attuned with them but allowing yourself to analyze them and the results they have on you during that time. Once you allow yourself to do that, then you can reflect on that time once it has passed and show gratitude for your good days that make those bad days worth it. 


I use this technique for quite literally all concepts/scenarios/interactions that give me a negative connotation in some way and I’ve found that it really helps.


I also want to talk about being stuck in your head. 


We all have occasions like this where we fall into this hole that we subconsciously keep digging and then next thing we know we can barely see the light at the top. 


So, I’m here to tell you comparison and criticism will bite you and swallow you whole. 


Now I’d be lying if I said I didn’t scroll through tik tok and instagram and compare myself to all of the influencers and celebrities that I follow and contemplate the reasons as to why I do or don’t carry out the same attributes that they do. Because I in fact do and it kills me sometimes. 


Everyone struggles with something about themselves and social media enhances it to the T. At some point you have to realize you are only seeing what they want you to see and find peace in imperfection. Easier said than done but spending all of this time idolizing these people you see online and obsessing over the smallest of small things about them that are unrealistic for you will over time consume you. 


Now I am also here to encourage supporting them and admiring them because although I overthink and compare myself, that is one thing I love about social media. Is that I can enjoy watching these other people in a healthy way that allows them to motivate me and influence me of course. Just don’t beat yourself up about it and try to take a more positive approach to it. All in due time because we both know that these habits don’t form overnight. 


Lastly, no one likes a critic. So why always be so critical of yourself? There is literally no point. No I don’t mean stop keeping yourself in line and reaching for the goals you have in place or maintaining deadlines. I mean don’t continue to dig at yourself about the littlest things that don’t serve much relevance, or the things of the PAST. Because as much as you think it matters, it’s already so far behind you everyone will soon forget, including you. 


I beat myself over stupid stuff like eating something bad for me or spending too much money and not putting more money aside. But at the end of the day nothing is really all that serious. So the least you can do is take it easy and find ways to enjoy the littlest of things because that’s all that really matters. Now stay chill and find gratitude, you cool cat.