Keep Your Chill #4: The Abyss of the Unknown

Faith Jones, Blogger

Why does the future scare us so much? Is it that it’s completely unknown majority of the time and there’s no way to figure out what the future holds? 


It continues to eat us alive at one point or another. It’s easy for this complex concept to stress us out because society makes us think in order to be successful that we must have this thorough plan of how things are going to unfold. 


No plan is a plan. That’s the beauty of it. Letting it all unfold naturally and in its own time. 


Nothing is worse than becoming forceful on how things should play out, maybe it’s how you want them to be in your mind, or it seems ideal, or in your best interest. That’s when things start going wrong. 


I am a college student getting ready to graduate and most of you are in college or in your twenties as well. People talk about this stereotype of having it all figured out in your twenties but where’s the fun in that. 


The idea of becoming a college graduate in roughly a month makes me slightly nauseous.I can’t play kid anymore, and that’s okay. So is not having a plan or not knowing what your future will hold. 


If college has taught me anything, it’s that experiences and moments are in fact everything. All of these moments compile together to create meaning. Whether it be big or small, they happen for a specific purpose. Although it might look like an unknown path, it’s important to find peace in the idea that everything happens for a reason. 


Think of the unknown abyss as more of a mystery and exploration. Life is by no means easy and becoming an adult sure isn’t either, but it doesn’t always need to be that serious. The unknown is okay as long as you remain happy. Experiences shape you and moments move you. Good or bad they help to shape you as a person and narrow your path down to allow you to follow what’s meant for you. Remain optimistic and naive and approach the unknown abyss with open arms.