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Illustration by Elliot Burr

What’s worse than a pandemic? A pandemic with nothing good to watch!

Hello y’all, I hope you are well! Welcome to In The Queue.

In The Queue is a blog where I (Terry) talk about some of the cooler flick finds. These will either be movies or television shows. I’ll also tell you where you can find it, whether that be a streaming service or a rental service. There will be a theme for each blog, and I’ll pitch you a couple of films that I hope you enjoy!

No, I won’t be spoiling any twists or endings. I will do my best to get you interested in the film without giving too much away.

With that said, let’s get into it y’all!

I thought a great first recommendation for y’all to throw into your queue would be some of my favorite episodes of “The Twilight Zone.” 

“The Twilight Zone” is a sci-fi/mess-with-your-mind television series written and hosted by Rod Serling. The show ran from 1959 to 1964. “The Twilight Zone” is for the B-movie lovers, the sci-fi indulgers and the existence ponderers.

Y’all can find “The Twilight Zone” seasons 1, 2, 3 and 5 on Netflix. You can also purchase it digitally on Amazon!

“Your last stop, The Twilight Zone!”

“The After Hours” (season 1, episode 34)

This episode takes you into the world of the used-to-be department stores of yesterday. We follow Marsha White as she goes to purchase a gold thimble. As she enters the store, we get a ghostly glimpse of the past: a booming department store.

An eerie elevator attendant takes Marsha up in the “express elevator.” Marsha is met with a seemingly empty room when the elevator doors open. Where will Marsha’s quest for the golden thimble take her? The rest you will just have to find out on your own!

“The Obsolete Man” (season 2, episode 29)

Ever felt unworthy? Well this episode takes it to a whole new level when a librarian is judged for his life’s worthiness. The way of science has made the occupation of librarians obsolete. In this sci-fi thriller, the futuristic chancellor will deem the librarian’s fate with strong prejudice. 

Find out the obsolete man’s future by watching the rest of the episode!

“Nothing In The Dark” (season 3, episode 16)

This might be my favorite episode of “The Twilight Zone.”We meet a hermit of an old lady who fears nothing more than death. She claims he wears disguises and tries trickery to kill her. 

The hermit has lost all friends and family over the irrational fear of death. Will she overcome her fear of death? Y’all already know I can’t tell you!

“The Silence” (season 2, episode 25)

Nothing compares to the money that the rich can put into their country club chatter. Deals are made and bets are wagered. Just like that, a loudmouth and a man with significant credit are pitted against each other. 

If the loudmouth country clubber can keep silent for a year, there will be a big payout. What ever will come from such things? You have to watch to find out!

Well I could go on and on about my favorite episodes of “The Twilight Zone,” but I’ll let you get to it. I’m sure you’re scrambling for your TV remote! Let me know what your favorite Twilight Zone episodes are and how you liked the ones I suggested. 

That will about do it for this edition of In The Queue. I’ll be back to you soon enough with another great watch. In the meantime, make sure to peep my music blog Speakeasy Sounds right here on your favorite magazine The Burr. Thanks for reading!

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