No more ‘do it laters’: set your goals now


Kaitlyn Finchler

New Year’s resolutions have been around for as long as anyone can remember, but who decided they were effective? People nowadays are coming to realize that they are not as practical as they are made out to be.

Goals are more feasible when it comes to thinking about and achieving what we want in life. Can you imagine a business setting New Year’s resolutions? Just waiting a few more months to start doing something that could be started now. 

The mindset of “I will do it later” or “maybe next time” is exactly the nasty mindset people tend to have when thinking about things they need or want to do. Imagine wanting something so badly but waiting to do it later. 

According to Mind Tools, a website that produces content regarding management, leadership and personal excellence skills, you need to “consider what you want to achieve and then commit to it.”

This goes along with my point of committing to something, rather than forcing yourself to accomplish something. Resolutions have a harsh undertone and set unrealistic expectations. Goals can help raise your motivation and self-confidence, as you see your abilities growing before you.

Think of what you want out of life. Do you want to look back in regret or look back and sigh in satisfaction after realizing you lived life to its fullest potential?

 Is there something you specifically hope to achieve? Changing your career, travelling more, saving up to pay off debt? No matter what it is, it is achievable. Update your resume, look into achieving some random skills that could impress a future employer, take more out of your paycheck for savings instead of ordering take out. 

The only person holding you back is you. It sounds cliché, but no one else is planning your life. No one is saving money for you. No one is looking out for you more than you are. Think about that next time you have something in your life you want to change.