Quarantined: 7 Ways College Students Can Tame Your Boredom


Illustration by Alyssa Maziarz

Jacqueline Flickinger

  1. Self-care

Now is more perfect than ever to work on that one pesky thing you know you’re supposed to be working on, but just haven’t had the time or motivation. I’m talking about your own well-being. It’s time to start that skin care routine you always wished you had (morning and evening). Or even waking up at a decent hour and making a real breakfast, not skipping and filling the void with a venti cappuccino. Or maybe it’s that ab routine you keep thinking about. Get to it!

  1. Read a book

For most of us, reading usually comes with the boring textbook allotted to us by our course material. Now is the time to pick up that book on your shelf you keep meaning to read, but haven’t touched. Hunker down in a quiet space and enjoy that “movie in your head.”

  1. Hone in on your craft

In my case, I know there are a couple of skills and programs I have to master to get that great job after college. Take some time to perfect a skill you know you need to work on. It could mean downloading some tutorials for a program you’re not too familiar with or even learning a second language!

  1. Explore new music

If you are like me, then you might be stubborn when it comes to listening to new artists. Set apart some time to update your playlists. There is more out there than your top five favorite songs from 2015. 

  1. Play a game

I know what you must be thinking. A game, at this age? Of course, you’re never too old to have a game night. It could be playing Cards Against Humanity online with your friends or downloading a new gaming platform like Steam or Origin. You could even start an online chat to watch your favorite shows with Netflix Party. There are plenty of ways to have fun and channel your inner child. 

  1. Start a new hobby 

It’s never too late to get interested in something you have never tried before. There has never been a better time to fill the boredom with a hobby you always thought you wanted to give a go. Try jumping feet first into something new and time-consuming. You might discover a passion you never even knew you had!

  1. Relax

For most of us, we are at home, without work, withering away into oblivion. It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up on the sleep you weren’t getting as a full-time student with a part-time job. Or maybe studying hasn’t allowed you a moment of peace. Take advantage of not being on the go and do things to calm your mind. Practicing mindfulness during this time can be therapeutic and make for a perfect outlet for boredom.

Start with a small checklist to start some of the things I mentioned. Crossing things off as you go will make you feel productive. It could give you satisfaction in knowing you’re using your time wisely, as there’s not much else to do. Explore your interests and keep busy, and you will get through this.