Corona Life


Jason Cohen

During this pandemic, I’ve developed a routine that I’ve grown to love. Staying in Florida with my grandparents has provided me with the opportunity to live a phenomenal lifestyle. Here is a typical day for me: 


Wake up.


Use the restroom, drink some water, take my medication, brush my teeth and then get my phone to check my notifications. Then shower and get dressed. 


Put my phone on my charger and take my laptop in the kitchen.Then, make some tea and pour myself a glass of water. Write in my gratitude journal, check my email, watch videos on YouTube or a Danny McBride TV show on HBO while I drink. 


Put on a David Goggins interview, do 50 squats, a 5 minute stretch routine and a 5 minute forearm workout. 


Go outside to the outdoor area while still watching the David Goggins interview, do 50 pushups and do 75 curls, then watch a Danny McBride TV show. 


Eat a delicious brunch with my grandparents. 




Swim laps in my grandparents’ pool and do some dips.


Drink some water, use the steam feature in the shower and then take a regular shower. 


Eat a snack, do an abdominal workout and do yoga for neck and shoulder pain. 


Go on a bike ride with my grandma. 


Wash my face, change my clothes, watch the Coronavirus Taskforce Briefing and get ready for dinner. 


Eat a delicious dinner. 


Talk to my brother on the phone. 


Watch a movie or TV show with my grandparents. 


Go to bed, watch a Danny McBride show and then listen to a podcast until I am tired enough to fall asleep. 

In addition to my daily routine, my grandma has been teaching me to drive on some days, which is something I am so happy about. Since I lived in New York City, I didn’t need to get my license, and since being in college, I have not had the time. Finally learning how to drive has eased my anxiety about it and given me confidence to get my license as soon as possible. 

I also have interviewed for positions and been doing well in my classes with minimal effort. The interviews were for doing service to fight the opioid epidemic. Classes are a joke, so I dropped the two that I did not need to take and am doing little to no work in the 12 credits I am taking. In a way, I will definitely be sad when this is all over. However, life goes on, and I am looking forward to seeing some people I have not seen for a very long time. 

Me driving my grandma’s car. Another thing I’m looking forward to is a haircut. 

Featured image from Pexels