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How Your Zodiac Predicts You Are Handling COVID-19


Illustration by Samantha Schaffer

It’s no doubt that no one expected the COVID-19 pandemic, but what if someone told you that your astrology chart could tell you how you were going to react?

Each sign is handling self-isolation differently. Vogue put together a list of different activities catered to each sign and Kent State students reacted if they agree or not. From Aries to Taurus to Scorpio, no one will act the same, so here’s how each sign is predicted to react to quarantine.

Aries: Paying attention to your health

It’s predicted that Aries are using their time wisely. Although everyone is stuck inside, they’re using this to their benefit — whether it’s doing yoga, running or achieving rock hard abs. 

Sophomore nursing major Jentsen Oden is an Aries but says she believes this is partially false, because the pandemic has stopped people from wanting to go to the gym.

“With COVID going on, it stopped me from going to the gym to run or workout when I was bored at home,” Oden says. “I felt like there were so many times when I wanted to go and workout but was too scared with following guidelines and if the gym itself was following guidelines.”

Taurus: Cooking up a storm

The way to a Taurus’ heart is through their stomach, so it’s predicted that every Taurus has not left the kitchen since March – creating new recipes and baking anything and everything. 

Junior exercise science major Taylor Bianco says she agrees with the statement, but it is her boyfriend doing most of the actual cooking.

“I am not personally good at cooking, but my boyfriend is, and I spent most of my days looking up recipes and making him make it for me,” Bianco says. “We’ve tried a ton of recipes since this started, and our whole Christmas list was stuff for our kitchen.”

Gemini: Hosting themed Zoom meetings

Geminis are known to be the most social out of all of the Zodiacs, so it’s no doubt that they would host virtual themed parties. 

As the resident Gemini, I can attest that this is 100% true. The amount of themed Zoom calls I created and attended is quite ridiculous at this point, but they have definitely made being online more bearable.

Cancer: Binge-watching old movies online

From high school romances to coming of age movies, Cancers have been plopped right in front of the TV this whole time. 

Sophomore psychology major Maddie Michaelis says she agrees and disagrees with the prediction. Cancers like to be creative and learn new things, and Michaelis said she likes finding new things just as much as rewatching the old.

“I watch a lot of new movies [and] TV shows,” Michaelis says. “My favorite genres are romantic comedies, historical fiction and overly cheesy high school themed shows.”

Leo: Indulging in the ultimate self-care routine

Self-love is a well-known trait to Leos, so it’s not doubt they’ve been using quarantine for self care.

Sophomore theatre studies major Lizzy Aukerman says this is definitely on brand for her, as her self care routine has increased immensely.

“When I was in quarantine, there was a lot of self care,” Aukerman says. “Working out, eating well, taking care of my skin and hair and just taking care of myself.”

Virgo: Kickstarting initiatives to help those in need

Virgos are known to be compassionate perfectionists. They’re easily described as old souls with incredible organizational skills.

Virgos’ organizational skills will come in handy when setting up plans for those less fortunate.

“Over the pandemic, one of my goals was to help others by shopping at local businesses, as well as signing petitions for important issues,” says Sammy Schaffer, senior Visual Communication and Design major.

Libra: Re-doing your entire home

Libras are all for good aesthetics, so when lockdown started, of course Libras wanted something nice to look at. 

Sophomore global studies major Alli Hill says that being at home all of the time made her get bored of her room.

“I ended up getting rid of some of my old furniture, and I started hanging up some new posters and art on my walls,” Hill says. “I pretty much flipped the layout of my entire room.”

Scorpio: Diving into the world of online dating

Scorpios are notoriously known for needing human interaction. They may be as sociable as Geminis but reverse. For Scorpios in relationships, they’ve gotten to know their significant others better, and single Scorpios are trying out new dating sites to see what’s out there.

Senior human development and family studies major Mya Taylor says that while she is introverted, the pandemic has helped her in new relationships.

“I’ve created some really amazing friendships and have grown closer with the friends I currently have,” Taylor says.

Sagittarius: Exploring the world virtually

Sagittarius are anything but homebodies, so once the pandemic hit, they needed to get their travel fill. Whether it’s books, movies, documentaries, they’re watching it all.

Sophomore criminology and justice studies major Sarah Wasserman says she disagrees on the travel note, because the pandemic made her stop thinking about travelling.

“I did go to a bunch of online concerts and art shows though,” Wasserman says.

Capricorn: Taking on free online courses

Capricorns are hard-working and practical people and always find productive use of free time. They are probably the most productive out of all of the signs and have endless to-do lists.

Whether it’s hosting Zoom meetings, scrolling through online courses or taking on a new hobby, you will never find a Capricorn not finding something to do with their time.

“Over the summer while in quarantine, I started a bunch of new hobbies, such as yoga, journaling, and going on daily walks. I never had that much free time before, so I tried to fill it as best as I could,” says Abigail Bottar, junior political science major.

Aquarius: Working through your extensive book list

One of the most intellectual of the zodiacs, Aquarius’ will always have their nose in a book and quarantine gave them the chance to start their never-ending reading list.

“Oh I have a reading list all right, but where is the time? Quarantine has made me unmotivated, but I can’t wait for winter break and the new year to start fresh. I guess I have been on my phone a lot, if you could call that reading!” says Anna Lawrence, junior photography major.  

Pisces: Developing your artistic skills

The best part about quarantine for Pisces is that they can finally cut off the rest of the world and listen to their own creative thoughts. Pisces are channeling their inner creativity and most likely turned a small space or room into a makeshift studio.

However, on the other hand, Pisces could also be experiencing creative blocks or random bursts of creativity. The two do not go hand in hand but both are viable options for this sign.

“As a Pisces, I’ve had ups and downs when it comes to staying consistently creative in quarantine. Some days offer more inspiration than others,” says Maria Serra, senior journalism major.

Do you agree or disagree with your Zodiac analysis? Head over to our Instagram and comment what you think!

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