Terry And Reality


Terry Lee III

Illustration by Preston Randall

Hello, y’all! I hope this trippy blog finds you well.

Be warned: I’m going to be talking about abstract ideas that might not come to a head. With this blog, we’re all going to jump on the bus and see where it takes us! Here we go!

What is reality?

In pondering what reality is, one conclusion I come to is that reality is authenticity. Authentic interactions and originality ultimately rule time.

For some people, reality is what is tangible. What we can feel cannot be fake, right? Well, when you pour into the idea, what it is that we feel is simply perceived in our brains. Just like your heart, your brain can play tricks on you too. Have you ever felt something or perceived something with another sense and said, “That’s not how I thought it was going to taste/feel/look at all!” Put simply, our brains make deductions based on previous experiences. 

Your brain tells you what it feels. It’s like burning your hand taking out cookies from the oven. You held the piping hot pan for a couple of seconds before you yelled and threw your cookies into the open air of the kitchen. Why’d you do that?

It takes a certain process for your touchy-feely receptors to get the message to the brain. After such a process, your brain promptly states “Hey maniac, let go of that!”

All of a sudden the tangible becomes intangible. Is this your reality?

For some of us, reality lies within the facts of life. Well the idea of facts can be (and will be by me, Lee) disputed as well. 

Truth of the matter is that we really don’t know anything as solid truth. Follow me down.

We don’t know anything for certain, we just have strong evidence that supports our theses. Example? Sure, I’ll give you one or two. When you flip a coin it either lands on heads or tails, right? A 50/50 chance. Well there is a minute chance that the coin lands on it’s side. Now we have disputed something that seems factual.

When you take into account all of the possibilities of the world, we only have strong evidence to support what we know to be factual.

Another example: when you feel strong emotions and they are not validated by the other person you are communicating to. Your feelings are still real and valid, but they do not appear to be to the other party. You must choose which reality best suits you for your life.

It’s amazing how many different worlds there are between people. Each person has their own outlook on life and their own likes and dislikes. All of this matter makes up the human material.

This is one of the many reasons we all need to keep an open mind. If your mind is narrow and you only think about yourself, you lock away the possible perception of a new or different reality.

In conclusion, everything we know can be argued and disputed. We need to accept some form of reality to function. Hopefully you don’t go mad when you read this. Maybe you open up your mind to a realm of possibilities. If you haven’t experienced it, it is a truly amazing feeling to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and take their reality as your own. 

One might say it’s enlightening.