Pisces Season and Venus Alignment

Sensibility. Imagination. Integrity. Empathy.

It’s how we are greeted by the Pisces season that started on Feb. 18! 

The last sign of the zodiac is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, connected by a cord, symbolizing the connection of the beginning with the end. Portraying the life cycles … do you remember that I said we would talk a lot about them here?

Welcome to the carousel of this sign that tells about seeing a deeper meaning in the world. 

For astrologers, Pisces is seen as a synthesis of all signs of the zodiac, which relates to its archetype of sensibility. Talking about its symbol, fish can be masked by their environment; they see what everybody sees, but they can’t look at what is below their eyes as the Brazilian Astrologer Claudia Lisboa quoted in her book  “Os  Astros Sempre Nos Acompanham”. The metaphor basically means that they have a different way of comprehending the world around them: they oversee the world and run through aspects that are important for most people.

Pisces is about imagination, dreaming to make it happen and recognizing our dual nature of navigating through cycles as a water sign. Pisces allows you to live your processes.

Pisces is also related to giving, how much you present yourself to others and life. It looks at what is similar and integrates. The sign also tells about multiplication, covering the whole as a unity.

In 2022, we are greeted by Jupiter in Pisces until May. Jupiter is the giant planet of the solar system that is a sign of abundance, expansion and the increase of our perception of things. Everything that involves Jupiter tends to grow. 

In traditional astrology, Pisces is regent – its compatible planet in energy – by Sagittarius, which tells us about our belief system. But in the old times, Jupiter was regent of Pisces, meaning that its search was for a deep meaning of life, which relates to Pisces as a spiritual sign. 

Pisces is related to the end of cycles since it is the last sign of the zodiac, which can connect to the end of our day when we go to sleep and access our unconscious mind. Dreams and fantasies are archetypes of Pisces. 

This transit of Jupiter in Pisces favors hope, the finding for solutions in controversial or challenging situations. It also tells us about compassion and empathy, considering both sides of a condition, so this transit opens doors for people to find alternatives in the dark. 

The dangerous side of this transit is that since Jupiter tells about abundance and Pisces is related to fantasy, the moment can cause confusion or illusion of reality. There is the probability of feeling drowned by the depths of the Pisces’ water. 

An analysis of the opposite sign of Pisces, which is Virgo, will help interpret the transit. Virgo is an earth sign. It’s known as a sign of criticism, rupture and discernment. In comparison to Pisces, the sign goes in the opposite direction, looking at the difference with criticism and not welcoming as much as a Pisces sign will do. 

Another essential aspect we have this month is that Venus went back to its direct movement. Venus is related to our feminine energy, the fertility of the seeds — the power to start growing things. The reason why tells about relationships and how we connect with people: the way we love and what we love. It is related to affection and what you are attracted to. Being in its direct movement again helps us discuss delicate subjects with the people we share our lives with. It is also a perfect moment to focus on your relationships. 

It’s also interesting to emphasize that Mars and Venus are closer to each other at this moment, which means our masculine and feminine energy would be aligned. Mars is related to action, which determines our assertiveness and how much initiative we have to start something. It also tells about our impulses and aggressiveness. Having Mars and Venus walking together means that the moment is favorable for aligning our actions toward our relationships. 

Reflect. Find perspectives. Dream.

It’s time to allow yourself to see through different lenses! Celebrate the end of cycles with the New Astrological Year coming up! 

We remain here for today. 

And never forget when talking about astrology, self-observation is the key.