My Best of Kent

Local businesses play a key role in creating Kent’s identity as a town. Without them, Kent would not be the town it is. Highlighting these businesses has been a driving factor behind creating the Tour de Kent. Since the beginning of the vlog, I’ve solely focused on what I viewed as the “best” places or activities to do. However, maybe it’s time I started to cover the places that everyone believes to be the very best of Kent.  

Recently, The Kent Stater held a poll to vote for “The Best of Kent” with various categories open for residents to place their favorites in town. As a reporter for the Stater, I was able to get the inside scoop on what made some of these businesses the best and why they won. 

This week, I decided it would be best to highlight some of my absolute favorites of those voted … with maybe even a few honorable mentions. Because what better places to stop on the Tour de Kent than the best of Kent?


1. Scribbles Coffee Co.

Voted as one of the best places to study, Scribbles Coffee Co. may seem small at first, but it has a huge hidden room in the back that truly does make it the perfect place to study. 

Mix in the cute, colorful setting with the caffeine, latte art and bakery items available, and you have the perfect setting to get some work done. While all this may be great and the main reason why they placed for this category, there’s another aspect of the shop that I think makes it one of the “best.”

Scribbles focuses heavily on women’s empowerment and support through both their owner and where they source their coffee. According to their website, “Scribbles is a business built, owned and run by women, serving coffee coming from farms around the world, including a 100% female employed coffee farm located in Uganda.”

With fair-trade products, a calming atmosphere and a great mission statement, Scribbles is truly one of the best places in Kent!


2. The Fruit Stand

The Fruit Stand is a relatively new business, having placed in both best new business and best sweet thing in Kent. Their placing in two different categories is definitely well-deserved as they always have fast service and fresh products. 

They don’t have a crazy long menu list, but that’s definitely part of why I love it. You go in and enter a line where you pick your bowl type, fruits, toppings and drizzle. It’s a very quick and easy process that you can either get on the go or sit in and enjoy. 

This “best of” place gets even better as the weather begins to warm up. The stand itself is decorated to emulate that special summer feeling. Because what’s better on a hot summer day than a refreshing smoothie bowl?


3. Over Easy Morning Cafe

As one of my favorite Kent breakfast spots, I was thrilled to see Over Easy on the best of Kent list for breakfast. They can most likely attribute this placement to their jumbo-sized pancakes and waffles with unique flavor combinations.

As a locally owned and operated establishment, the cafe features many fresh local ingredients and products. They even have Scribbles coffee on the menu!


A Few Honorable Mentions

Last Exit Books and Coffee

A bookstore, record store and coffee shop all in one!

Taco Tontos

Offers fresh and handmade Mexican cuisine.

Beckwith’s Apple Orchard

Small country store with great summer and fall events at the orchard.

Lucci’s Place

Locally owned and operated pizza shop.


Although we don’t have time to stop and look at all of these businesses on our “Best of Kent” edition tour, many of these establishments are located within walking distance of each other. So please, consider visiting, eating or shopping at any one of these places we’ve mentioned on today’s list.

And as always on the Tour de Kent, make sure to shop and dine locally!