The Coffee Shops of Kent

No matter where I am or what I am doing, I need caffeine. It’s truly an addiction I’ve had for quite some time now. Everything from the smell of coffee to the taste, I’m obsessed. And since we just so happen to be going on a tour of the area, why not include a tour of coffee?

Today, we’re going to travel through the various coffee shops Kent has to offer and discuss what I personally love about all of them. I truly have no favorite as each has its own unique qualities and products that make all the trips worthwhile. And even better … they are all within walking distance of campus.


Tree City Coffee & Pastry

Starting off with one of Kent’s most signature coffee shops is Tree City. Always bustling with business, Tree City is probably one of the most well-known shops located in downtown Kent. Not only do they have a wide variety of drink selections, but they also have pastries, wine and alcoholic coffees. 

My favorite combo is a maple latte with any one of their scones. I’ve tried other coffee drinks from the shop, but this latte remains my constant favorite. 

In addition to this latte and scone, I love the atmosphere. In the summer, they have a garage door that opens up to give you an indoor-outdoor feel. But if you do want a seat during the academic year, make sure to get there early, as they are always full. 


Scribbles Coffee Co. 

Although we visited this shop once already on the tour, it is still a notable mention. What I love about Scribbles is actually buying their coffee, and of course, their mission. If you have any form of espresso or coffee-making machine at home, I recommend buying your coffee beans from here (the banana flavor is my favorite). However, unless you have a grinder at home, you need to ask them to do it for you. 

Other than the bean and drink selections, I love this shop’s women’s empowerment spirit as they are a woman-owned-and-run business that buys a lot of their coffee beans from women-run farms. If you are looking for a place to study, this is a great place to choose. It’s a generally more quiet atmosphere than the other shops and is full of plants and art. 

The art that surrounds the shop is actually for sale and made by local artisans in Kent. So if you are interested in not only caffeine but also supporting a great cause, make your way to Scribbles! 


Bent Tree Coffee Roasters

One thing I love about Bent Tree is that they ship beans all over the U.S., so you know they are of quality. Bent Tree is actually located right next to Scribbles, but neither seems to outdo the other in business. They have signature coffee drinks that are changing all the time, as well as a various selection of pastries and bread that come from local places across Kent. 

Another thing I personally love about this shop is the patio outside. It is a huge seating area with twinkling string lights hanging everywhere, giving it a cozy coffee shop feel. 

Pro tip: You can buy their coffee in grocery stores like Giant Eagle as well!


Last Exit Books and Coffeehouse

Nothing goes better together than coffee, books and music. This shop is a Kent staple as it includes a record shop, bookstore and coffeehouse all in one. This makes Last Exit more of an afternoon experience compared to a regular coffee shop visit. 

They have ample seating options in all sections of the coffeehouse, making it a great place to study, meet up with friends or relax. 

You definitely want to carve out some time to visit as I could spend hours flipping through the records and reading the backs of books to find the perfect buy. And a little tip: check out the one dollar and discount sections of the shop.


What I love the most about the coffee shops of Kent is that they are all so unique. Each has a different atmosphere, menu and experience to offer. I truly couldn’t pick a favorite one if I tried.

I love Tree City for a quick grab, as they have a drive-through. Scribbles is great for a long, quiet study session. When it’s nice out, I love to sit outside of Bent Tree and enjoy a coffee or tea. And finally, when I’m looking for a new book or a relaxing afternoon, you can find me at Last Exit probably spending too much money on new finds.

Every shop has something different to offer, which is why they all thrive. I urge you to visit, try them all and dare you to pick a favorite.