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The Burr Magazine is Kent State University’s first student magazine, made by the students for the students. The Burr publishes a semesterly magazine that explores big issues and burning ideas, as well as fascinating people and the consuming preoccupations of its college audience. Each issue contains a compelling mix of how-to articles, original reporting and personal essays. features Web and multimedia stories, as well as blogs on lifestyle issues, including relationships, fashion and entertainment.

Emma Andrus

Emma Andrus is a senior journalism major from Olmsted Falls, Ohio, with minors in public relations and creative writing. This is her fifth semester with The Burr. She has been passionate about storytelling and the power of the written word ever since she could read and write, and she is looking forward to seeing what The Burr and its wonderful staff will accomplish this spring. When Emma is not pursuing her passion for words, she can be found making and listening to music or enjoying good pasta. You can follow her @EmmaBAndrus on Twitter to keep up with her journalism-related endeavors.

Harun Miller
Managing Editor

Harun Miller is a graduate student in history from Mansfield. They have their Bachelor of Arts in history from Tiffin University. Their research at Kent State is centered around the Early Modern era in Europe. This is Harun’s first semester working as the managing editor for The Burr. Harun is an avid reader of nonfiction, especially philosophy and Islamic history. In their free time they enjoy traveling, horror films and 90s rock music. 

Preston Randall
Art Director/Illustrator

Preston Randall is a senior design student from Columbus, Ohio, focusing primarily on illustrative design with a minor in studio art. This is his third semester working for The Burr as a member of the illustration team and his second as art director. Alongside his studies at Kent State, he is taking multiple online illustration and art courses to further his talent as an illustrator. Preston is also taking commissions for character designs, storyboards and comic strips, all in hopes to one day make a career out of his art. Some of his other passions include cooking, hiking and exploring the fields of astronomy and culture. You can find more of his work on Instagram @prestly_art.

Finora Reilly
Assistant Art Director/Copy Editor

Finora Reilly is a sophomore fashion merchandising student from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, with minors in fashion media and textiles. This is her first semester with The Burr, and she recently joined A Magazine and Her Campus. Fashion has been a major part of Finora’s life since she was young, and that has evolved into her current love for journalism and fabric. When she isn’t doing schoolwork or magazine work, Finora can be found listening to music, reading and playing guitar. You can follow her on Instagram under the handle @finoraq. 

ANNA Lawrence
Photo Director

Anna Lawrence is a senior photography major and the photo director for The Burr in her seventh semester on staff. She has been practicing photography for six years, and her favorite subjects to photograph are people, fashion and nature. She especially loves to stage photos into stories of her own. In her free time, she loves to watch movies, play video games, listen to music and cuddle with her two goldendoodles. Anna tries to find inspiration in everything she does. You can follow her journey on Instagram @annatl_photos. 

Senior Editor – Writers

Grace Marie Burton is a junior journalism major. This is her fifth semester at The Burr, focusing most of her writing on pop culture, music or whatever she’s obsessed with at the moment. She can be found on Instagram at @grace.m.burton.

Jenna Bal
Senior Editor – Bloggers

Jenna Bal is a junior journalism major with minors in English and web design. Previously a blogger, this is her third semester with The Burr. She is also a writer for Her Campus. When home in Toledo, Jenna enjoys spending time with her sisters and visiting local parks. Her hobbies include reading, hiking and journaling. Her current favorite books are “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn and “Normal People” by Sally Rooney. After graduation, she hopes to work in publishing and eventually pursue her master’s degree in library sciences. Keep up with her work on Twitter @bal_jenna. 

Web Editor/Designer

Alex Miller is a freshman visual communication design major from Wadsworth, Ohio, with minors in photography and theatre performance. This is his second semester with The Burr. He also works as a designer for The Kent Stater. Since high school, he has designed WordPress websites, logos, posters, magazine layouts and more. In his free time, you can find Alex making iced coffee, listening to musicals or going on hikes. Follow him on Instagram @its.alexmiller to see his college years unfold.

Emily Robinson
Promotions Director

Emily Robinson is a junior from Green, Ohio, double majoring in marketing and finance. This is her second semester working for The Burr, and she is very excited to be on staff as the promotions director. After getting her bachelor’s degree, she hopes to get a master’s in either finance or business administration. When she isn’t working or in class, she can be found playing piano, hanging out with her friends or baking every kind of dessert under the sun. You can find her on Instagram @em.0716.

Makenzie Dutton
Assistant Promotions Director/Designer

Mak Dutton is a senior visual communication design major with visual journalism and photojournalism minors. She graduates this summer and hopes to find a job in the film or magazine industry. In her free time, Mak enjoys anything horror, listening to true crime podcasts, snowboarding, baking, blasting music in her room and cuddling up with her dog Koda. You can follow her on Instagram!

Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson is a senior visual communication design major from Columbus, Ohio. This is her first semester illustrating for The Burr. She has taken on freelance work as a children’s book illustrator in the past and plans to continue in that field or in editorial illustration after graduation. When she’s not at work or in class, Sarah can be found spending time with her boyfriend and kitten or on the lake paddle boarding with friends. Find her on Instagram @Sarah_E.T.Illustrations.

Katie Flack
Copy Editor

Katie Flack is a sophomore English major from Southern California. This is her third semester on The Burr staff as a copy editor. She also works for Luna Negra as an editor and is starting at the Writing Commons as a tutor. Minoring in creative writing, she aspires to be published as a young adult author after college, a dream she has held dear since first writing creatively in middle school. When not reading or writing, she can be found getting lost in the cinematic world, drinking copious amounts of tea or hanging out with whatever animal she can find.

Sophie Young
Copy Editor

Sophie Young is a freshman majoring in journalism with a minor in design. This is her second semester working as a copy editor for The Burr. She also works as an office assistant for Kent State Student Media and as a reporter for The Kent Stater. Hiking, listening to indie music and trying new foods are Sophie’s favorite ways to spend free time. You can contact her at [email protected].

Nathalia Teixeira

Nathalia is a junior journalism major with minors in sociology and photojournalism.  She’s also known by Nathalie — that is how she likes to be called outside her home country, Brazil. Nathalie is passionate about writing, learning and being in touch with different cultures, considering herself an explorer. Dancing, hula hooping, practicing yoga, listening to music and planning trips are also part of her universe outside of school and work. This is Nathalie’s first semester working as a blogger for The Burr. She thinks life stands for experiences. You can find her on Instagram @_nahteixeira. 

Mariah Alanskas

Mariah Alanskas is a sophomore double majoring in visual communication design and journalism from Dubois, Pennsylvania. This is her first semester witn The Burr, and she is very excited to start writing as both a blogger and writer. She is also a reporter for the Kent Stater and currently holds a design internship. When she isn’t writing or working, she is exploring her passions of reading, painting and traveling. In the future, she hopes to pursue both writing and design. You can contact her at [email protected].

Jennifer Kelly

Jen Kelly is a sophomore general communication studies major from Cincinnati, Ohio, with a minor in creative writing and plans to earn a “teaching English as a second language” (TESL) certification. This is her first semester with The Burr, and she is looking forward to growing her skill set as a writer and blogger. Jen hopes to become a published author by the time she graduates or soon thereafter. When not busy with her writing endeavors,  Jen can be found taking pictures of nature, exploring fantasy worlds in video games or goofing off with her friends in their spare time. You can follow her @in_astras on Twitter and @in.astras on Instagram to keep up with her photography, writing and general shenanigans.

Ashley McCormick

Ashley McCormick is a junior English major from Norton, Ohio. This is her second semester blogging for The Burr. When she isn’t working, you can find her playing video games, reading or watching television. You can contact her at [email protected]

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