Newbie Noelle’s Quarantine Routine


Illustration by Alyssa Maziarz

Noelle Grimm

Illustration by Alyssa Maziarz

With the recent shutdown of the university and increased measures being taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the extroverts of the world are left wondering what to do with all this spare time. Of course, school has not completely ceased with the transition to online courses, but there’s no doubt that students have a lot more time on their hands. 

As an introvert, I feel comfortable being home and have found several ways to keep myself occupied while practicing necessary social distancing. I think it’s smart to make a routine for yourself in this time to avoid getting too bored. Luckily, I’ve shared a few ways I’ve been passing the time so you can possibly incorporate them into your own routine!

Netflix binges

There’s no time like the present to get caught up on those shows you’ve always meant to try out… so go for it! If you’re in need of a new show, these are a few of my favorites that aren’t as well-known. 

“Mindhunter”: This has to be one of Netflix’s best original shows, and it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. I was never a huge fan of crime dramas, but this show has the perfect mix of humor and drama to make it binge-worthy. Based on a true story, the show follows two FBI agents as they interview serial killers in prison to understand the psychology behind their crimes. Since it takes place in the ‘70s, you can also expect a great soundtrack. 

“Imposters”: I can’t give away too much about this show without spoiling it, but know that it’s full of likeable characters (Richard specifically) and easily pulls you in with its storyline. The best part of this show are the small subtleties that make it humorous on top of its gripping plot. 

“Derry Girls”: This is another underrated Netflix original series that has me laughing until I’m in tears. It takes place in Ireland in the ‘80s and follows a small group of girls who always seem to get themselves into hilarious trouble. You can finish the series in a day if you’re willing, and it would be a quarantined day well spent. 


If I have to spend this much time at home, I want to have a comfortable, neat space. Organizing could be the first step to ensuring your space is exactly that. This could mean going through that one junk drawer you have in your room, sorting all your old clothes into “donate” piles, or rearranging your makeup table so it’s neat. 

I decided to start with my makeup area, as I had a lot of old makeup to throw away and a setup that was simply stressing me out. Doing my makeup is my favorite part of my daily routine, but it can be a messy task. I like having proper organization for all my products and palettes so I know where everything is when I need it. I felt instantly refreshed when I saw how neat I made my space, and maybe you will too!

Wash your makeup brushes

I’ll admit it… it’s been too long since I’ve washed my makeup brushes. Everyone is in a cleaning frenzy, so why not add makeup brushes to the list? The minimization of all possible contamination at this point is vital. I thought clean brushes would be a nice addition to my recently organized makeup desk.

All I do when I clean my brushes is roll the bristles on a little bit of Dawn dishwashing soap. After using Dawn, I sometimes use a small amount of hair conditioner to soften the brushes. When I’m finished, I lay all the brushes flat on a towel to air dry overnight. 

Give your dog extra attention

Jewels looking fancy after her haircut

My dog is quite large and hates baths, but she loves being outside and usually needs them often. She’s also a furry monster who was in desperate need of a haircut. Over the years, I’ve learned to cut her hair myself. It’s a useful skill to have, especially in this quarantine. So, I decided to give my dog the full salon treatment of a haircut and a wash in the comfort of our home. She wasn’t too happy with me, but she looks very proper now.

If you don’t feel like going through the effort of giving your dog a haircut or even a bath, then at least show them the attention they deserve! Imagine how happy they are to have their owners home with them. A short walk outside would not only make your dog happier, but allow you to get some much needed fresh air. 

Focus on your skin care! Do a face mask

When else are you going to have the opportunity to sit at home with no makeup every day? I love makeup, but my skin needs a chance to breathe every now and then. I want to use this quarantine time to focus on perfecting my skin care routine. An easy way to start that process is to do a simple face mask. Not only will it be great for your skin, but there’s something about doing a face mask that makes me feel like I have my life put together. Practice self-care first, always!

Explore music

This extra time has given me the chance to explore my passion of writing songs again. I’ve been so caught up with school, and having a roommate on campus certainly didn’t help the creative process. I’m excited to dive back into the songwriting process and finally finish the material I started months ago. 

If you’re not a musician, you can still take this time to explore new music. I’m still desperately seeking new musicians to listen to, as I’ve overplayed about every artist in my library. The playlist I created last week has already been played too many times, and it was filled with entirely new songs. Why must I ruin every song I discover?

The best choice we can all make at this point is to simply stay home, as hard as that may be. I’ve shared these tips to make this transition a little easier.  Making a routine and staying busy has helped me stay sane and hopeful we can get through this.