Mercury Retrograde and New Moon in Aquarius


Nicole Salem

Illustration by Emma Greathouse

Understanding astrology can seem intimidating and can honestly be super overwhelming at first. To be honest, some things in astrology are completely beyond my understanding, and that’s why there are professional astrologers, which, unfortunately, I am not. (But it would be cool wouldn’t it?) I will be covering only the most important transits and how you can use astrology as a tool to become more mindful in your everyday life.

The most important placement that’s happening in the stars right now is Mercury retrograde, which is from Jan. 30 – Feb. 21, and I’m sure you’ve all heard scary things about. All the hype comes from the areas that Mercury is influenced by, including but not limited to communication, rationality and technology. When Mercury goes retrograde, these things can seem a little disorderly to say the least, but it’s nothing that you should worry about. Although this is the case, it’s still a good idea to take caution.

So what is Mercury retrograde? When a planet goes retrograde, it means there is an optical illusion happening where it looks like the planet is moving backwards. Have you ever been in a car watching the other cars, and it looks like they are moving backwards, but in reality, they’re just moving slower than your car? Well, this is kind of the same concept, and although the planets, in this case Mercury, aren’t actually moving backwards, the effects they have due to retrograde are noteworthy. 

An important thing to note when dealing with the planet of Mercury is understanding what this planet rules, which is mainly communication. This can be communication in terms of writing, contracts, text messages or technology. Some other things that Mercury rules are automobiles and travel, in a very physical sense. The retrograde can have an effect on plans, especially travel, becoming miscommunicated and automobiles or technology breaking down or malfunctioning.  Since communication can seem off during this time, any contracts or written agreements should be avoided. Since technological issues can be prevalent during this time, always giving yourself enough time to print something out is a good idea as well. 

Mercury retrograde is a time not to take action but instead be mindful of your surroundings and situations. This is also a time that can be used to your advantage. This Mercury retrograde is in the sign of Aquarius, which is about freedom and expansion. Mercury is in Aquarius, because that is where the planet is positioned in the sky, which is where the sun is also positioned, although there is no correlation. Aquarius also relates to the collective consciousness, which, when in the sign Mercury, can provide a connection between the individual and collective mind. When there’s a connection between two of these aspects, it provides different ideas and possible downloads. To explain this a little further, it gives us insight on what we as individuals can do independently to improve communication and awareness on a more global scale. When Mercury retrograde occurs, it gives us a chance to look inwards, really paying attention to any repetitive thinking and taking a look at what no longer serves us. 

Overall, Mercury retrograde is a time to take a break from any projects and to stay away from any serious conversations that can wait until after the retrograde. There is likely to be a lot of miscommunication, which can make this detrimental. It is also a great idea to reflect and notice continuous patterns or bad habits that can be addressed after the retrograde is over.

Another important note for February is that the new moon is coming up in Aquarius on the 11. New moons are recognized for new beginnings and coming up with new ideas that will potentially manifest for the moon cycle. This is a great time to journal and come up with new goals, and with the sign being Aquarius, the humanitarian sign, it gives us a chance to manifest goals that deal with the collective and a more humanitarian approach.

Again, comprehending astrology can seem scary, but with the information in this post, I’m hoping it is a little more clear. I’m so excited to help you guys become knowledgeable, so you have the mindfulness you need to navigate whatever the sky throws your way!