April Forecast!


Nicole Salem

Illustration By Emma Greathouse

So much has been covered in terms of astrology for the last few weeks, so I figured we’d take it a bit lighter this week with some astrological forecasts for the month of April!

After the full moon in Libra, the energy can seem a little playful and well-balanced. Since full moons are great for letting go and revolving around decisions, this can be a great time to weigh different options and ensure you’re heading in the right direction. 

Mercury entered Aries on April 3, which means communication will be straightforward, energetic and even a bit blunt. Since this energy is coming into full swing for the month of April (along with the sun being in Aries), this could be a very impulsive month in terms of communication and physical feeling. Since Aries placements are so prominent this month, it is important to stay mindful of the way you speak to others.

Another Aries placement this month is the new moon on April 11. Since new moons are all about new manifestations and deciding on what we want for the upcoming cycle, this new moon in Aries gives us room to meet our challenges and start putting things into action. Coming out of this Pisces energy and going into Aries sun season, along with the new moon in Aries, gives us a sense of relief and energy to move forward with our goals. Pisces season was all about dreaming, and Aries season gives us that push to execute our goals and follow through with a sense of excitement for what’s to come in this new astrological year. 

Venus also enters Taurus on April 14 for four weeks, according to Astrology.com. Venus is the planet of love and affection, and going back to what we talked about last week, Venus rules Taurus, making this a strong energy shift. Taurus is a sign that revolves around stability and opulence. This could mean great things revolving around your love life for the time being. You may experience a sense of certainty, reliability and romance while Venus is in Taurus. 

On April 19, the sun and Mercury will enter Taurus, calling for a shift away from the strong Aries energy. Our communication style may become a bit gentler, and we may become a bit more grounded in our energy and work ethic. 

On April 23, Mars, the planet of desires and aggression, enters the soft water sign of Cancer. Since Cancer is a bit of a sensitive sign, being under the planet Mars can call for deep emotions surfacing. According to Astrology.com, “a lot of feelings should be expected during the next six weeks.” 

There is a second full moon happening this month on April 26. Scorpio is all about transformation, so when the full moon is in Scorpio, it’s very fitting! According to Astrology.com, this is a powerful day and a change from one phase of our life to the next. Deep issues will arise, and it will give us a great opportunity to heal these wounds. According to The Old Farmers Almanac, this moon will actually be the first of two supermoons of the year. It will be visible after sunset and reach peak illumination at 11:33 p.m. EDT. 

Since the month of April starts off a little hectic with strong energy in Aries, it will be nice to shift to the more grounding earth sign of Taurus for the month of May. Things may get a little emotional with Cancer and Scorpio having a heavy influence toward the end of April, but it’s important to stay mindful of the balance between the energy and try your best to work with harmony.

Like I’ve mentioned so many times before, meditation and journaling always keeps my mind balanced and makes me feel like things aren’t too out of control! Another thing that helps me, especially in emotional states of energy, is taking walks in nature. This makes me feel calm and centered and helps me to let go of any emotion I’m holding onto that no longer serves me. It’s getting nice out which is a perfect excuse to get outside and even take your shoes off and walk barefoot ion the grass. It may sound or /feel a little weird and woo-woo at first (and if you’ve been reading this blog, come on, what isn’t?), but feeling that connection between body and earth always helps me to feel grounded. WSo what are you going to do this month to make sure you stay balanced and grounded?