Taurus Season


Nicole Salem

Illustration By Emma Greathouse

It has been a crazy semester, but luckily with Taurus energy, we can finally chill out a bit. On April 19, the sun and Mercury entered the sign of Taurus, which called for a lot of grounding energy to take place. After Aries season, this is much needed and a great excuse to take things a bit easy and relaxed. Since Taurus is a very earthy sign and the weather is getting nicer (but, of course, we live in Ohio, and for all we know, it might snow in a week), this is also a great excuse to get out into nature and ground your energy even more deeply. 

With finals week and this semester coming to a close, it might feel a little tough to be able to do these things. When the semester is over, we will still be in Taurus season which will be all the more reason to catch up on all of the missed sleep and finally be able to take things steady after all the frantic hurrying. If there are any personal projects that you have been putting off, this is also a great opportunity to start them, since the sign of Taurus represents dedication and commitment. 

On May 3, Mercury switched to Gemini, which was a shift from the grounded Taurus to the very flighty Gemini. The sign of Gemini is known for communication, so this is actually a great sign for Mercury to be in. Conversations may tend to get a bit playful and curious, although they won’t go too deep.

On May 8, Venus enters Gemini, which, as with Gemini being in Mercury, can mean very playful energy when dealing with what Venus rules, which is love, beauty and attraction. Astrology.com states, “Venus in this breezy air sign provides wit, curiosity and adaptability to matters of love, beauty and money.”

A new moon in Taurus is happening on May 11, and given what we know about new moons and how they are a wonderful opportunity to decide what you want in your life, along with the fact that Taurus is a sign of materialism and higher-value things, this is a great time to manifest your materialistic desires. You can do this by writing down a list of things you would like to bring into your reality by setting your intention and visualizing. 

The last big shift of this Taurus season is the fact that Jupiter enters Pisces on May 13. Astrology.com mentions that “the planet of luck enters dreamy Pisces, encouraging positive attitudes, open-mindedness, and following our dreams. If you have fantasies, Jupiter can make them realities.” 

With the semester coming to an end, and this being my last blog, I just want to say thank you to everyone who read this! I’m so grateful for you all. 

Goodluck with finals and happy Taurus season!