The State Of The University


Lillianna Difini

The Rock


Located on Hilltop Drive, the rock has been a part of Kent State’s campus for decades and is the touchstone of campus expression. Typically, the rock has been painted for campus activities, welcome messages and fun depictions. Recently, offensive language aimed at Black students was painted on the rock and to ensure these events never occur again, the university put into place new procedures and policies which took effect Jan. 11. Some of these restrictions include how long a painting is allowed to stay on the rock, how much surface area is allowed to be painted and the types of displays that are/are not permitted. 

The 10-Year Anniversary of the LGBTQ+ Center


The Kent State LGBTQ+ Center was developed as a part of Kent State’s Student Services 10 years ago. Students from all different colleges, majors, and groups are open to the LGBTQ+ Center. Not only is the LGBTQ+ Center a safe space for all students, but it provides a wide range of services, including career training and leadership development. Students can also use the LGBTQ+ Center to access information on how to be an ally. The center is a mutual place where students can share their identities, experiences and access resources related to their gender and/or sexual identity. 

May 4: Annual Tribute


Each year, Kent State holds an annual memorial service for the events that occurred on May 4, 1970. Apart from learning about the events of May 4, staff and students take this day each year to remember the tragic affairs that ensued and the loss of four Kent State students. This past year, Kent State held its 50th commemoration of May 4, 1970 to pay tribute to those wounded and killed in the tragedy. The ceremony was planned to look similar to past memorials, but as the COVID-19 pandemic affected Kent State, the 50th commemoration was hosted virtually and streamed via YouTube. This year’s plans to commemorate May 4 are currently unannounced but may look similar to the 50th.