Speakeasy Sounds #9


Terry Lee III

Illustration by Alice Leach and Elliot Burr

Hey, how do y’all? I hope you liked your new favorite music from the last Speakeasy Sounds. Sure as death and taxes, I’m back with some more of your new favorite artists!

I’ve got the elixir to the plague that is the same old repeating songs you’ve heard a million times. Now is the best time to explore some new-to-you music!

If you’re hip, then you already know the good word about my newest blog: In The Queue. Yes, that’s a shameless plug!  A movie and television blog hosted by yours truly. Now you can peep the finest flicks and dip your ears into some sweet tunes.

With that said, let’s get into it!

Bootsy Collins (funk/soul)

If you can’t get enough of the funk, then get some more right here with Bootsy Collins! 

Bootsy Collins is a detrimental great godfather of today’s funk. Parliament, Funkadelic and P-Funk are some of the monumental bands Collins has been known to play in.

From Cincinnati Ohio, William Earl Collins brings his own funk flavor to the game. He is a multiinstrumentalist who drives the soul right to you.

He puts the groove in your step with his up-tempo hits and takes your mind to outer space with his slower jams. Jump into the spaceship for this listen, astronauts. We get there with Bootsy Collins’ “Munchies for Your Love.”

Standing On The Corner (experimental jazz)

A ture on-of-a-kind band Standing On The Corner gives us the chill from lo-fi beats while delivering the intricacies of modern jazz. I recommend this band for the lo-fi fanatic and the chillwave connoisseur.

Maybe you’ve been into jazz, get a new take on it. Maybe you’re new to jazz influenced music, start here and work your way back.

For this listen, I recommend their song “Girl.” Go ahead and try to not nod along or break out in dance to this song, I dare you! You’ll find this song on their 2017 self titled album, which is a solid listen through in itself.

The Devil Makes Three (folk)

No, I haven’t forgotten about my country and folk lovers. If you never tried folk, there’s never a better time than the present, y’all!

You can’t pick a bad song with The Devil Makes Three. They offer a darker look on the modern folk band. I can’t get enough of them, and I’m sure you’ll love them! You owe it to yourself to jump outside of your comfort zone.

While you’re refining your music taste with The Devil Makes Three, be sure to check out their song “Beneath the Piano.” You will find this song on their self titled album from 2002. This album also has their phenomenal song “Old Number Seven.”

Alright y’all, that will do it for this Speakeasy Sounds. I know you will love your new favorite bands. 

Make sure to put on your flannels and beanies as we go from iced to hot coffee! Switch the slides to shoes and keep a bright demeanor as we travers into the “OMG, it’s dark at 5:00?”

I’ll be back with more of your new favorite music in a minute, until then take it easy!