Speakeasy Sounds #10


Terry Lee III

Illustration by Alice Leach and Elliot Burr

Hello and welcome back to Speakeasy Sounds! 

Just as promised, I’m back with some more new-to-you tunes! Get in on some new artists before you’re off doing the “Monster Mash.” I’ve got an array of artists for you this time around. Make sure you are keeping up with The Burr’s guest bloggers too!

With that, let’s jump into it!

Jeanette (Pop)

Jeanette is a Spain-based pop singer. I would recommend this listen if you’re already into Kate Bush. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, the music will translate for you! Jeanette would make a great addition to a playlist. Pretty much anywhere you hit play you’re getting a dreamy/early ’90s/easy-to-listen-to sound.

I’m going to recommend Jeanette’s “Comienza a Vivir.” This song can be found on her 1992 album “Corazon de Poeta.” I would strongly recommend starting this album from the top and letting it work its course.

Blue Magic (R&B)

For the funk-lovers and groove-inhibitors! 

Blue Magic started in 1972 and have been making music ever since with their latest album coming out in 2020. That’s a long time to be in the biz; you got to respect the hustle!

We’re gonna dial it back to 1983, when Blue Magic released their album “Magic #.” The song that I’m recommending is also the name of the album! Blue Magic has a number of albums that you can just get into. This specific song is for the ‘80s-lover and the synth connoisseur. If you like that, give the whole album a try!

All Them Witches (Stoner Rock)

I would recommend this listen if you are into Black Sabbath.  

You don’t need to fit the criteria for “stoner rock” to enjoy it! Stoner rock can be nice to throw on when playing a card game or taking a drive. Just hit play and let the mind wander.

A slow, heavy beat guides you into a valley of distorted guitars and vocals. You’re in for trippy rock! We’re going with one of their more experimental songs with “Alabaster.” Once again the whole album is solid; this one just took more of a shine to me. Everybody’s different!

Side note, make sure that you are registered to vote and also that you’re drinking enough water! 

That’ll do it for this one, thanks for tuning in! I’ll get back to you soon enough with some new flavors of music. You’re a hip kid so make sure you add The Burr on Snapchat: @theburrmagazine for our takeover.

Until then!