Speakeasy Sounds #12


Terry Lee III

Illustration by Alice Leach and Elliot Burr

Howdy and welcome back!

No matter your politics, you can still jam out to some tunes. In this blog, we’re going to go through the 60s. I’ll give you an album by each band. You may have heard some of these songs before, but I encourage you to give the songs you may not have heard a try.

Hop on board for some psychedelic classics!

“The Soft Parade” (1969), The Doors

“The Soft Parade” is a completely solid album from start to finish. I would definitely recommend listening to the whole thing. If you’re not hip to The Doors, expect poetic lyricism and trippy blues. Fun fact: Many suspect The Doors to have given way for genres such as heavy metal.

If you want to get away with just a couple new songs be sure to try out “Runnin’ Blue” and the title track.

“Surrealistic Pillow” (1966), Jefferson Airplane

I’m sure many of you have heard at least a song from this album. If I had to guess, I would say you’ve heard “White Rabbit.” 

This album demands your focus and opens your third eye, so I wouldn’t call it background music. While you’re expanding the universe that is your mind, listen to “She Has Funny Cars” and “How Do You Feel.”

“Odessey and Oracle” (1968), The Zombies

The Zombies would really curate a melodic psychedelic sound. This had been done somewhat before but not like The Zombies.

While you’re onto this album, you should try the songs “This Will Be Our Year” and “Time of the Season.”

Thanks for joining me on this trip! Sure as day I’ll be back with you on Speakeasy Sounds. Until then, take it easy y’all!