A Warm Welcome to Soup Season


Mackenzie Shaffer

Illustration by Preston Randall

Hello again, friend. I’m so glad you’re here. 

As the weather begins to cool down and we start to bundle up, you might find yourself beginning to yearn once again for that hearty, filling warmth that comforts with each bite. Yearn no longer, for soup season is here! 

Though soup is not a food group … it should be. It’s the perfect fall dish that can bring a smile to anyone’s face. The delicious possibilities for taste and texture are endless –– we all know this –– but did you know soup itself has an abundance of other benefits besides taste? 

For starters, soup is normally a warm dish. Warm foods, such as a soothing bowl of creamy tomato basil or a hearty cup of vegetable chili, are actually easier on your digestive system than cold foods as our digestive enzymes work best in a temperature range close to our body’s internal temperature. 

Since soup is already warm when it enters our body, our digestive system doesn’t need to work as hard to break down the food, aiding in more efficient digestion. How amazing!

Additionally, soups are a great dish for packing in those veggies. We all need vegetables –– yes, even you –– and soups allow vegetables to transform in taste and texture, so we can consume them “more enjoyably.” You might just find that a few cups of a vegetable-dominant soup per week can be a game changer for your overall health. 

Need ideas on where to find some recipes? Try Pinterest, an excellent place for falling down a rabbit hole of recipe inspiration overload. It’s fantastic. 

Though most farmers’ markets are closing for the year, there are still tons of local farmers and gardeners growing and beginning to sell fall produce, such as pumpkins, squash, potatoes and mushrooms, all of which can be made into a fabulous, autumn soup. 

Check out this Vegan Pumpkin Soup or this Butternut Squash Bisque if you find yourself in need of some inspiration!  

Soup is a great dish for supporting and utilizing local farmers and fresh, seasonal produce, so take advantage of it! Your wallet and your community will thank you. Click here for an extensive list of vegetables coming into season right now!

Hopefully by now, you’ve gotten the idea. Soup is pretty great, not to mention it’s relatively inexpensive to prepare and easy to freeze. I encourage you to explore the many benefits of this wonderful dish and see what it has to offer.

Soup season is here, and I couldn’t be happier. There’s nothing better than coming inside from the crisp autumn air, wrapping up in a fluffy blanket and sitting down at the table to a steaming cup of fragrant soup, sipping gently as the world goes by. 

Thanks for reading, friend. Let’s talk again soon.