Fabulous & Feisty: A Romance Book Blog


Hannah Keil

Illustration by Preston Randall

Introducing Me …

Hey, y’all! Welcome to Fabulous & Feisty, a blog where I discuss romance books purely because I love them myself. Although the future of this blog revolves around book recommendation lists and possibly even reviews, this installment is just introducing you to your wonderful host: me. 

I have always loved reading — I genuinely think it is in my blood. I grew up with my mom constantly reading new Amish romances, and she encouraged my love of books from a young age. 

I taught myself how to read in preschool, and I never stopped. I was reading fifth grade books in kindergarten, and in first grade, my teacher gave me her library card to borrow books with, because I was going through mine too quickly. 

In second grade, I set a school-wide record for the most books read. Subsequently, I also got $200 out of a related bet with my father and bought myself a Nintendo 3DS with it. (I have always had ambitious goals.)

When I got to late middle school or early high school, I saw my first ad for Kindle Unlimited. It was a three month free trial, and I loved to read, so I gave in and tried it. My life was forever changed. Before this point, I was limited to whatever the library had or what I could convince my mother to buy me. Now, the options were endless.

If you are not quite sure what Kindle Unlimited is, for $10 a month, you get unlimited access to their entire database, which is predominantly romance. I found an author that I liked and went through their books and then just kept going through their recommendations. From there, I was hooked, although I was out of luck once my trial ended until I got my first debit card. When that happened, I was done for.

I have found so many good books through KU, so the majority of my recommendations will be available through it. I hate paying for books, period.

Romance has always been my top genre, although it was hard to admit that to myself at first. I placed a sort of stigma on romance novels, always thinking that they were somehow below other categories. While I now consider that thought a little sad, it is a legitimate way of thinking for many people.

That is one of my goals for this blog — to embrace my love for all things romance and stop judging myself for it. I love what I love, and I need to accept that.

I have read a lot of books — and I mean a lot. For the past year, I have read on average about a book every one and a half days; that adds up quickly. Although that has definitely slowed down now that I am at Kent State, I still love to read and find it to be my guilty pleasure. 

With this long history of romance books, I have a lot to say about what I have read. I have seen it all, so to speak. I know the good, the bad and the ugly, and I cannot wait to share my findings with the world.

Expect a lot of recommendations from me, because I have tons but also expect a list of “what not to read” because I have tons of those as well. By the end, you will know my most personal secrets, AKA what I consider to be the best books of all times.

All in all, I just hope to have fun with this blog, although more than that, I want to make sure the readers have fun. I want this to be a safe space for everyone to just talk about romance books and not deal with anything else. With that being said, I cannot wait to get to the good stuff — the actual books. 

Until next time …