“Airport romance novels” and Last Exit books


Hannah Keil

Hey, y’all!

Now that we’ve talked about some of my specific book recommendations, it is time to talk about the other way I read and discover books — trashy airport romance novels.

Now, while I love reading on my Kindle, sometimes I just need to sit down and read something that will require no mental action at all. That comes in the form of a small romance paperback.

Personally, I have received a lot of these from them being passed around. A group of older ladies from my church share them, and they always end up at my house. After a person has read them, they sign their name on the back of the cover. That means that inside of all of my copies there’s a list of names in the front, which adds to their character. Now that I am at college though, I had to find new, but still cheap, ways to get these books.

Here comes my hero: Last Exit Books. Located in downtown Kent, this store truly has everything you could need to entertain yourself: used records, DVDs, CDs and tons and tons of books. Oh, did I forget to mention the coffee shop? My bad.

The vibe of this store is immaculate from the moment you walk in. Depending on what door you go in, you either enter the movie/front counter section or the coffee shop. Regardless, you need to make your way to the books.

My paradise on earth …

Once you get there, go ham. The prices are very reasonable, and there are so many amazing finds. All of the “airport romances” are $1.98 each, so you can go crazy without feeling too bad about it. 

There are so many paperbacks that you might at first be overwhelmed. That is perfectly okay — I definitely was too. Personally, there’s a couple tropes that I love in these kinds of books, so I just look at the pictures on the sides and the titles to see if any match. I’m a sucker for anything cowboy or anything with pregnancy. Although I hate admitting that,  I usually stick to these types of books

My latest haul includes …

Writing this blog was the perfect excuse to go back and buy even more books, so that is exactly what I did this week. I also caved and bought the Last Exit tote bag, because I have no self control. I am justifying it in my head, because it is really cute. 

Here is the most essential part to this whole process: do not hoard all of the books yourself. This is the step that I am the worst at, but regardless, I try my best. These types of books are meant to be reread over and over again. The last step is to find someone else who will love these books and pass on the love. Hopefully, you will find some chains to add yourself onto, so you are not the one always paying for them, but if not, at least it is a cheap addiction. 

With all of this being said, I set you free to go start the process yourself. Go to Last Exit, head straight for the best shelves in there and buy books to your heart’s content. Then, when you are done, return the favor and pass them on, so more people can enjoy them. 

Go have fun!