Conscious Consistency: Too Many Hand Sanitizers


Media pushes the next best thing, but it does not usually promote appreciating what you already own. I want to appreciate the things I have and actually use them. Why let them take up space when they can actively be a part of my life?

For this blog, each week I will highlight an item I own. I will give an initial reaction to the item in one blog post. The next blog post will then give you my thoughts after a week with that item. Pictures will be included, of course. 


These last two years have made hand sanitizers the new socks. I always received socks for the holidays. Christmas? Socks. My birthday? Still socks. 

Then hand sanitizer took the stage as the universal gift you give and receive. Don’t get me wrong — it serves a purpose: to clean your hands when there isn’t soap and water around. Now, after two rounds of holidays, I have received at least 10 different hand sanitizers. I even have a university-branded one from when I moved in sophomore year. 

There’s nothing wrong with the hand sanitizers; it’s just that I don’t reach for them. I hate the fact that they are marinating in my room, taking up space without paying rent. 

This week, I am focusing on using this Blue Ocean Waves hand sanitizer. Barely any has been used, and I have owned it for over two years. 


Right now, I feel indifferent. I don’t reach for hand sanitizer much these days because, in combination with the winter cold, my hands are parched. But I bring lunches with me almost every day of the week to work and school. The plan is simple: every time before I eat lunch, I will use some of the Blue Ocean Waves.

See you next time for the update!