Something Solid, Revisited


The gold hoop earrings held up well as I hoped they would, considering they are gold. I stuck to my plan of wearing them for a week straight, except for one day when I took a break from them. I wore them for an extra day to make up for that. 

Yes, they still look the same. It’s not like I am trying to use these up, like I did with the hand sanitizer. For the earrings, I wanted to wear them consistently to appreciate them.



During the week, it saved me time in the morning to put the same pair in everyday. I didn’t have to stare at my earring tower for five minutes. If I had worn them on and off, I don’t think I would have picked up on these minor details:

↝ They rubbed up against and got caught in my mask

I gravitated toward wearing my hair up more                                

I touch my earrings as a nervous habit



By day three, I was itching to wear a different pair. Don’t get me

 wrong, the hoops are great; I just wanted something new. Yet, I also don’t

 want to go back to staring at my earring tower every morning either.


Going forward, I will pick out a pair of earrings for the next day before I go to bed. I already pick out my outfits before I go to bed, so it only makes sense to include earrings then too. It saves me a ton of time in the morning, which is needed considering daylight saving time just happened. I need all the snoozing I can get. 



Next week’s object is going to be something used to write things. See you then.


Have you tried getting things ready the night before? Does it make your mornings easier?

Or do you decide things that morning?