Something Solid


Well, as you might have guessed from last blog’s hint and the title of this blog, the next object is solid. More specifically, solid gold. Gold hoop earrings are the item I’ll be focusing on this week.

Last summer, I got my ears pierced. Since I waited until my twenties, I ended up buying a ton of pairs within a short amount of time. I enjoy them all, of course, but I want to limit myself to one pair every day this week. That way, I don’t have to think about which pair to wear in the mornings. Plus, I can build my outfits around them.


Last weekend, I went home and got these while shopping with my mom. These hoops are simple, but eye-catching. They aren’t too big to the point that I feel the weight of them tugging on my ears. But they aren’t too small either.

This plan should go well. I expect myself to have a cheat day toward the end, but if need be, I can wear them an additional day. That way, I still wore them for an entire week.

A pink pouch sits on my desk. It is where my threader and threader earrings are kept, so they don’t get lost. I just finished putting the gold hoops in there.  

See you next time for the update.