Hand Sanitizer, Revisited


Last week, I introduced you to the Blue Ocean Waves hand sanitizer. I was able to stick to my plan for the most part: on the days I packed lunch, I used the hand sanitizer. However, I didn’t eat out of my lunch box every day. So yes, I snuck in some extra uses. Smelling waves got boring by day five. But I pushed on. 

Here, you can see what it looks like now. It doesn’t look like I used much. But maybe that is because I only use a dime-sized amount each time.                                                                                                                     


I plan on keeping this germ-destroyer in my lunch box until it is all used up. And since I bring my lunch box everywhere, I get motivated to use the sanitizer more.

I see it more, I use it more.


This plan was easy to create and easy to execute. It sounds simple, and it is, but we often make spaces for our things and then forget them there. The yarn goes unused at the bottom shelf reserved for yarn. The pink winter hat gets lost at the back of the closet and isn’t worn for another year. When we organize our spaces, it’s fun to put objects in a box or other pattern that looks appealing. But it is important to remember that organizing is meant to give you easier access to your things, not just stare at them. 


Well, I could leave you with this. But instead, I’ll give you a hint about the next item. You’re welcome, by the way.

The next object is something solid. 

See you next week.