The Tunes of Emotions

Since I was little, music has had a solid space reserved in my life. It is one thing in my nineteen years that has stayed consistent. It brings out the strongest emotions and feelings that nothing else in the world gives me: sadness, happiness, longing, anger, frustration– you name it. 

I vividly remember dancing on the bed in my grandma’s house to the Shrek soundtrack. I’m told by many family members that this was a daily occurrence throughout my youthful and carefree summers. 

The silly dancing and singing never faded and my love for it only grew. 

I dance in the kitchen as I make dinner. I can’t walk to class without the sound of music in my ears preparing me for the dreadful class ahead. I cannot drive without music, it is miserable. I tap my fingers on the wheel to the tempo of my favorite music playing throughout the car. I listen to music as I do my homework. I listen to music in the shower. I bounce my feet during a movie when songs play. 

You get the point – I cannot function without music. 

But behind all of the carefree dancing and my horrible singing voice, are the emotions and feelings that music induces into my mind, body and soul. 

When I tell people that I can feel the music, they always look at me funny and say they didn’t know what I am talking about. 

Do you mean they couldn’t feel the smile bursting through their face and their lips touching their ears? Or their heart doesn’t feel like it’s going to shoot out of their chest? Or the chills that run up their arms when a song is so powerful in its sound and meaning? I found it hard to believe. 

Then, I found my passion for concerts. In those theaters, arenas and stadiums, I could dance and sing my heart out to my favorite songs like I was still on the bed at my grandma’s house in 2007. 

I could feel the rhythm of the music in my chest. I could feel the strong instruments bring tingles up my spine. I could feel the emotions overwhelm me and it was okay, because I wasn’t alone in those feelings. Everyone in those rooms was going through those same feelings. 

Each person in this world experiences music in different ways. Some might say that music doesn’t affect them. Some might say that they can’t do anything in life without having music on. Some might even make music because of how it influences them. 

Let’s say that I am listening to “Fine Line” by Harry Styles, one of my favorite songs ever. I am so overwhelmed with emotion and happiness by the time the song is over. Another person could listen to that exact song and cry their eyes out until they are dry. 

That’s the beauty of it all. 

The variety of the effects and influences that music has on its listeners is truly astounding. 

I encourage everyone to find the music that makes them dance and sing around the kitchen, smile like they have never smiled before and let their emotions loose.