My Top Three Concerts of All Time

Concerts have played an important role in my life since I was 5 years old. Specifically my first concert, Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers. If you know, you know.

The excitement, joy, and happiness that concerts bring me are beyond anything else in my life. The loud instruments and vocals traveling through the theaters, arenas and stadiums, the vibrations it brings to your chest and the emotions that fill the rooms. A different form of happiness is something that I have only ever found in concerts. 

I have been to quite a few concerts in my day, but I have a few that stand out from the others. These are the ones that have special memories attached to them and I can still remember every detail like it was yesterday. 

Here are my top three concerts to date, in no particular order. 


Taylor Swift’s “1989” Tour, 2015

In 2015, Swift embarked on a world tour for her fifth album, “1989.” This was the second Taylor Swift concert that I had ever been to, the first being her “Fearless” tour in 2008. 

The Nationwide Arena was packed with girls my age wearing Swift’s merch and some were dressed to mimic her music video outfits (which I have learned is a common theme at Swift’s concerts). 

I remember sitting in the seat before the concert started and I fangirled a little too hard when I realized that I could see behind the stage, meaning I could see Swift herself walk up to the stage. 

The opening song, “Welcome to New York,” started to play and Swift appeared in a sparkly bomber jacket and Ray Ban sunglasses, arguably the most popular outfit staples from 2015. 

We were given bracelets at our seats that were linked together, making a spectacular light effect during the show. This was the first time that I had been to a concert where this was included and I was in awe watching how everyone’s wrists lit up together and watching the colors transform based on what song was being played. And most of all, I was in awe knowing that she could see me because of this light. And, as a 13-year-old, this was the coolest thing ever. 

She played songs from her “1989” album as well as a few popular hits from her previous albums like “I Knew You Were Trouble” and “Enchanted.” She ended the concert with “Shake It Off,” which at the time was the anthem of the year, and that reflected the energy in the arena. 

One thing that Swift never fails to do with her tours is to put on a show that seems like a whole production. You can tell that a lot of time and thought was put into the show, down to the outfits, the visuals, and the setlist. It leaves you wanting to go to the next city to see her concert all over again. 


Harry Styles “Love On Tour,” 2021

After a three-year break, Styles returned to the road with his “Love On Tour.” The tour was scheduled for 2020, but we all know what happened then. So after waiting nearly two years to see him live once again, I was more than excited when I entered Rocket Mortgage Arena in Cleveland. 

Before this concert, I had been to my first Harry Styles concert in 2018. There were a few new things that I noticed this time around compared to the last. The arena was packed with people in their best-dressed outfits instead of merch, and sparkles and boa feathers lined the floor. In my opinion, this made the concert all the more special. 

To reflect how excited I was when I saw the stage, I jumped up and down like a child on Christmas morning and I lost both of my earrings in the process.

The concert opened with a quote from Charles Bukowski and the opening vocals to “Golden.” Styles then appeared from the middle of the stage wearing a coral button-down shirt, blue trousers, and white suspenders. I was hoping for the best moment but I was just happy Styles was there. 

He played songs from his album “Fine Line” and a few from his debut album. My personal favorites were “Canyon Moon’,’ “Fine Line” and “She.” If you read my blog post about the recent Harry Styles concert that I attended in Chicago, you would know that “Kiwi” is the moment that everyone waits for. It is the most chaotic, energetic and enticing song during the whole setlist. Styles truly leaves the stage with a bang after this song. 

Out of the three Styles concerts that I have been to, this one tops them all. They are each special for their own reasons, but the energy in the room that night was unbeatable. I was so happy and honestly the calmest that I had ever been going to a concert. It was truly the best night of my life to date. 


Haim Women In Music Pt. III Tour, 2022

The chaos of an arena or a stadium can be nerve-wracking or even energetic. But going to a concert that is held in a theater instead of an arena or stadium is the best refresher ever.

In May, I saw the Haim sisters in Cincinnati. The theater was full of millennials, both women and men. It wasn’t like the other two concerts at all. Everyone was dressed in the band’s merch instead of sparkly and costume-like outfits. 

The band opened with “Now I’m In It,” changing the beat of the song so that it made the perfect entrance for the sisters, Alana, Danielle, and Este. They played songs from their new album as well as their previous two. “3AM” and “Leaning on You” were my favorites on the album and they sounded even better live. The concert ended with “The Steps” in the encore, which brought the energy in the room to 1000. The band interacted with the crowd continuously throughout the concert which made the experience all the more special. 

Out of all the concerts that I had been to in a theater, this one tops them all. The calm vibe and fun environment in the room was unlike the other smaller concerts that I had been to too. If you are looking for a fun but laid-back concert, the Haim sisters have your back. 


This list is ever-changing and if you ask me tomorrow it will probably be different. I have been to over 20 concerts in my life and I plan on many more. The next on the list is hopefully Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour! I absolutely love concerts and I plan on being a 90-year-old woman in the front row, still kicking it.