My Top Three Albums At The Moment

As the cold weather starts to settle in, I have quite a bit of time to listen to some albums I love. However, picking my top three albums at the moment is not an easy task.

I listen to many different genres and artists on a daily basis, but I find myself returning to these albums more often than the others. The lyrics and beats catch my attention in one very single song on these three records.

I previously reviewed the three albums that I have listened to the most recently. These albums often played as I go about my day-to-day life – walking to class, driving, etc.

Each of these records is similar in genre but so different in tones and styles that are unique to each artist. All three are vastly different when you break them down and compare them to each other, which is why they all stand out to me.

“Harry’s House” By Harry Styles

This album is a whimsical and fluorescent journey that explores more of Styles’ sound and gives a broader lens into his life than his previous albums.

The album travels through 13 songs, jumping from different sounds and tempos, like disco to a ballad It makes it such a playful experience that you can’t help but dance to it.

Some of the track’s lyrics and tempos, like “Music For a Sushi Restaurant” and “Cinema”, are fun and playful. The lyrics do not make a whole lot of sense, but they are catchy and light-hearted. On the other hand, some songs, like “Matilda”, “Little Freak” and “Boyfriends,” are more serious in their meaning and tone.

One of the main differences I noticed in this album compared to his previous two albums is the bridges of the songs. Previously, Styles had a habit of making the bridges of the songs very instrumental or just another verse of lyrics. Now, the bridges are unique in every song, with different mixes of tempos and lyrics. “Satellite”, “Keep Driving”, “As It Was” and “Cinema” all have enticing bridges that, in my opinion, make the songs a hundred times better.

My top three tracks from this album are: “Satellite”, “Daylight” and “Grapejuice”.

“Plastic Hearts” By Miley Cyrus

“Plastic Hearts” is an album that suits Cyrus to a t. The 15-track record features rock-inspired songs, duets with rock legends and covers of iconic rock songs.

This album gives us an honest, raw look into Cyrus’ life. She gets candid about her feelings and presents herself as a confident vocalist. The raspy and raw sound of her voice amplifies the emotions in the songs, which only makes them so much more enjoyable to listen to.

Tracks like “Angels Like You”, “High” and “Never Be Me” showcase Cyrus’ ability to emphasize genuine emotions and thoughts. For example, in “Never Be Me,” she explores her recurring actions and behaviors in relationships, recognizing her flaws and truths.

But the most eye-catching aspect of the album is the artists that are featured on a few of the songs – Dua Lipa, Billy Idol, Joan Jett, and Stevie Nicks. All of these artists are iconic in their own way. Each song that they are featured on suits them as well as Cyrus’ music style.

My top three from this album are: “Bad Karma” which features Joan Jett, “Plastic Hearts” and “High”.

“Dawn FM” By The Weeknd

“Dawn FM” is an intoxicating experience in itself. The synth-like sounds and the danceable beats make the album such an amazing pick-me-up. He sings about several topics like mental health, substance abuse and relationship issues, which also give listeners an insight into his own life and are relatable for some.

There are also a couple of features from popular artists such as Lil Wayne and Tyler the Creator, as well as spoken word appearances from Jim Carrey and Quincy Jones.

The album plays as a radio station would with a commercial-like spoken appearance and narration from Carrey and Jones.

Some of the songs on the record even intertwine with one another, making it sound like one cohesive song that never ends.

Tracks like “How Do I Make You Love Me”, “Take My Breath”, “Out of Time” and “Here We Go… Again” are some examples of pairs of songs that flow into each other on the album.

My top three from this album are “Out of Time”, “I Heard You’re Married” and “Less Than Zero”.

These albums invoke so many emotions for me that make listening to them such an experience. I absolutely love them all, and I highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking new music to listen to.

This cold weather makes a great time to cozy up and discover a new album you have not listened to before. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover your next favorite.