Harry Styles Chicago Concert Review

The United Center was packed with people of all ages and the floors were covered with colorful boa feathers as soon as you walked through the doors. Everyone is dressed as if they are ready to take on the runway: some in their favorite merch shirts and others in party-like outfits that are decked out with glitter, rhinestones, and bright colors.  

On Oct. 9 I had the amazing opportunity to experience Harry Styles’ Love on Tour in Chicago during his six-day residency. 

I’ve seen Styles on tour three times now, once on each of his tours since 2018, and the experience never ceases to amaze me.

When I step into the arena each time I am filled with excitement and nerves as I await my favorite artist. 

The merch lines were wrapped around the arena with everyone ready with money in their hands and prepared to spend all their savings on a sweatshirt or a tote bag.

I was one of the many people that waited nearly an hour in the merch line. I bought both a sweatshirt and a tote bag. What can I say, it is a once in a lifetime purchase.

After I spent way too much money on merch, I went to find my seat in the arena. I just about lost it when I saw the stage. 

The massive 360-degree stage was lying in the middle of the arena, and I could already imagine Styles prancing and dancing down the catwalk in front of me. 

Jessie Ware, a pop singer from London, opened the show with electric and disco-like songs like “What’s Your Pleasure?” and “Soul Control” that I could not help but dance along to. In the many concerts that I have been to, I have never enjoyed an opener’s set as much as I enjoyed hers. Her music fit so well and set the mood for Styles’ show. 

A few of Styles’ favorite songs played, including “Best Song Ever” by One Direction and “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen, and everyone in the room erupted to sing the songs together. 

Then the moment that all of us were there finally came. The lights went out. 

The screams filled the arena and everyone pulled out their phones to catch the moment when Styles’ made his appearance and to get the first look at what he was wearing. 

Would it be an open-chest vest moment? Or would it be polka dots and stripes? 

What Styles wears on his tour is a huge aspect of the show itself. Everyone eagerly watches and waits to see what he is wearing each night during the tour. Sometimes it is a spectacular outfit that is fit for the runway. And yet other times we question what went through his head when he was getting dressed. 

The beginning beats of “Daydreaming” started to play, with trippy and bright visuals playing across the screens. And somehow, the excited cheers only got louder. 

Then the lights turned to the middle of the stage where Styles was rising from the floor. He was wearing a green, orange, and a white striped tank top with green pants. If you are a fan, you know that this was a win. 

Within seconds, he was prancing around the stage saying hello and the arena burst into dance with him. 

The set list was full of tracks from the new album, “Harry’s House” and some returning songs from his previous albums. Some of my favorites that were played were “Matilda,” “Satellite,” and “Kiwi,” and the encore was filled with classic singles like “Sign of The Times,” “Watermelon Sugar,” and “As It Was.”

The last song of the set, “Kiwi,” is always the most iconic of the concert. Styles has played this song last on every single one of his tours and there is a reason for it. The long rock-like intro to the song, the energy it brings to the room, and the feeling that it leaves with you after you leave does not compare to any other concert. 

Everyone leaves on a high, tears streaming down their cheeks but still with the biggest smiles on their faces. We all walk back to our hotels on the streets singing Styles’ songs not wanting to let the moment go quite yet. 

One thing about Styles’ concerts that always stand out to me is that it feels like a community. Every single person in that room makes it feel like everyone belongs and we all unite for one night to celebrate our favorite person. I have never been to a concert where it feels like that besides Styles’. 

My ears were ringing, my eyes watering, my throat sore from singing and screaming, and my cheeks stinging from stretching to my ears. I was so happy. I had the best night ever. 

Styles is now off to Los Angeles where he will play 15 consecutive nights at The Forum until the middle of November when he will take off to South America to continue Love On Tour. 

If you are willing to make the trip to Los Angeles, it is definitely worth it to see Styles in concert.