This Week’s Obsession: “Rae” by Ashe

I have a tendency to go back to the same few albums and the same few songs over and over again. So, in an effort to break the habit cycle, I went on a hunt around Spotify until I found an album that I have not heard, and I stumbled upon “Rae” by Ashe. 

I’ve heard her music from time to time over the last few years, especially when her hit song “Moral of The Story” was playing everywhere. Over the summer, she flooded my TikTok with her new song “Another Man’s Jeans.” I loved the song immediately and it became an instant obsession, and the same happened with the album. 

Ashe’s 14-track sophomore album follows her feminism revival, heartbreak, and the different phases and emotions that come along with relationships. The album feels experimental, with a mix of Shaina Twain and plenty of acoustics. 

The album starts out with “Rae’s Theme,” which, like the name hints, sets the tone for the record perfectly. It feels like a dizzying whirlwind of a track which, in my opinion, replicates the emotions that this album explores. 

“Hope You’re Not Happy,” “Shower With My Clothes On,” “Loose Ends,” and “Fun While It Lasted” are the tracks that zero in on the emotional griefs of relationships and heartbreak. “Another Man’s Jeans,” “omw,” and “Emotional” are upbeat and playful songs that focus on her feminist and fun energy in relationships. 

One of my personal favorites is “Love Is Letting Go.” The song features Diane Keaton, which is absolutely iconic. The song feels like a reassuring and embracing warm hug. Another favorite of mine is “Angry Woman,” where she sings about toxic masculinity that she faced in a relationship and is revolting against it. The track is full of strong instrumentals, confident vocals, and raspy screams that help back the intense feminist vibe of the song. 

The album throws you through a whiplash of emotions as it explores Ashe’s relationships through all the darker and happier times. For my first listen, I was surprised and delighted with enjoyment. My ears were ringing from how loud I was playing some of these songs. I fully recommend this album to anyone looking for an album that has a variety of songs for different moods. A 10 out of 10 from me.