The Last Minute Gift Guide


Isabella Rosette

With the holidays already upon us, many are left scrambling to find that perfect gift for a friend, special someone, or roommate. The season of secret Santa’s and white elephant gift exchanges is upon us and sometimes, it might be difficult to find a gift, especially if you’re searching at the last minute. However, there are many options whether you’re searching for a gift card or something more.


For the coffee lover:

The many Starbucks locations on campus provide endless opportunities for your coffee lovers out there. A simple gift card will do, but if you want to go all out, you can get them a mug or cup. If they’re not the biggest fan of Starbucks, Kent is home to many Dunkin’ Donuts as well local coffee shops such as Scribbles Coffee Co. and The Cleveland Bagel Café.


For the studious friend:

For that studious friend, you could always stop by the bookstore and grab some school supplies, such as a new notebook for the spring semester or some pens and pencils. A planner you can personalize would be a good idea for your studious friends to keep track of their events.


For the friend who’s always cold:

Walking around campus in the winter can be brutal, especially in Ohio. A beanie or a warm hoodie might be a good idea for a friend looking for a way to stay warmer in the winter. Gloves and fuzzy socks would also help you fight against the Ohio wind and stay warm throughout the winter months.


For your dorm decorator:

For your friends who might live on campus, there are lots of good ideas to improve their dorm life as well as keep their dorm organized and clean. For example, a portable shower caddy might be good for a friend looking for something practical to take with them to and from the showers. For a friend who might want to watch movies in their dorm, a mini portable Bluetooth projector would be a good idea, allowing them to display whatever they want to watch on their wall or ceiling directly from their phone or laptop. 

For those friends who have lofted beds in their dorm, a bedside caddy might be a good idea, as it provides a small table-like space on your bed to set small things on, as well as pouches to keep remotes, pencils, notebooks, and your phone safe. Long-cabled chargers would also be good for those friends who have trouble reaching the outlets with their cords. 

If you have someone who likes working on homework or projects while in bed, a lap desk might be good for them, as it provides a solid work surface for their laptop or notebooks. Some even have integrated mousepads.

For anyone who wants lighting in their room but doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of putting up LED strips, sunset lamps and moon lamps provide the same amount of lighting without the struggle of pinning them up and taking them down when it’s time to move. 

Command strips or other easy ways to hang photos and posters up would also be good ideas for anyone who is looking to decorate their room, whether they live on or off-campus. Other items, such as blue tack, are also mess-free ways to decorate. 

With the holidays nearly upon us, it’s time to get those gifts for those important people in your life and while finding a gift may seem daunting and difficult at first, there’s always something out there for someone!